Milestone: +30.000 loans for Finans 247

Milestone for Finans 247 - 30.000 loans made

On July 3rd, 2018, Finans 247 reached a new high by passing 30.000 total loans made. A direct indicator of the growth and rising presence of the company.
A confidence booster for the entire staff before entering new territories in the coming months.
Having financed more than 30.000 loans to the Danish consumers, while only being on the market since the start of 2017, is quite an accomplishment.



Christian Lisby Marketing Manager Finans 247”The positive direction of the company is really contagious. It’s an absolute pleasure to see the work we put in pay off – a total team effort. The objective is to keep the focus on higher efficiency all around”
– Christian Lisby, Marketing Manager



The expectations inhouse continues to rise, hand in hand with the amount of consumer interest the company experiences. With the entrance into two new countries, the future looks bright and does not indicate any slowing down for Finans 247.