Finans 247 founder speaking at AI convention

This summer, Dansk-IT (Danish IT) held an AI convention focusing on machine learning. Dansk-IT invBillede1ited founder Mads Dahlerup to speak about our key learning working with machine learning in credit scoring.

While the big banks and public institutions were represented in the audience, Mads Dahlerup spoke about dos and don’ts when implementing machine learning in your organization.

Finans 247 started working with machine learning in December 2017 and has come very far ahead in a limited amount of time. In our case, machine learning is used for payment predictions and fraud detections, giving real-time predictions while the customer is still in the application flow.

We believe in the future of machine learning and that good credit policies are machine made. Large amounts of data are collected on each customer and needs to be processed fast for customer convenience, without compromising credit policies.

“We have come far, but yet just seen the beginning.” Dahlerup says.