Business angel and entrepreneur ensures major investment

Thanks to Danish business angel and entrepreneur Magnus Kjøller, Finans247 is now ensured with a double-digit investment for a continued growth in the Nordic market.

It has been an intense ride since Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup founded Finans247 in the end of 2016. E.g. the company has provided 15.000 private loans the last seven months. This rapid development is one the reasons investor Magnus Kjøller has raised the eight-digit investment. The investment is part of the foundation for Finans247’s entry to the Scandinavian market in 2018.

“The road to success is to be found through big data. That is why we brought in our new CEO Mikkel Winston 1st of October, and that is why we have raised the means to further development,” says Co-founder Casper Ravn-Sørensen.

For CEO Mikkel Winston it is decisive that an investor matches the ambitions in Finans247: “Magnus understands our ambitions and the road to carry out our visions at a great pace. Furthermore he is a great asset in our focus on technology and sales.”

That agrees with Magnus Kjøller who has been impressed with Finans247’s intense growth: “The analytical and data-based approach to create a safe portfolio makes the company extremely interesting.”

At Finans247 we are happy to attract investors such as Magnus Kjøller. We work determinedly to transform Finans247 from a start-up to a strong player in the financial industry.