35,000 loans: Accelerating through another milestone for Finans 247

Finans247 reaches another milestone: 35,000 loans made to danish consumers

In early September, Finans 247 ApS reached another positive milestone in the passing of 35,000 loans made to Danish consumers.

The increased tempo between 5K marks is a clear indicator of the rapid growth of Finans 247, and having passed 35,000 loans made in only a year and a half(live), the young age of the company does not seem to affect new CFO Christian Brammer:


CFO Christian Brammer - Finans 247 ApSVery important that we are moving this fast; we have clear expectations for a similar pace or faster. Our journey is very exciting, and I’m impressed by the dedication and drive of the entire staff.

The objective is to ensure a continuously stable and scalable foundation of the company, as well as continuing our great workflow and dynamic.

– Christian Brammer, Chief Financial Officer


Finans 247 is now very close to the launch of Swedish brand Profilkredit.se, as well as several big changes in both ends of Danish brands.

The company has entered the second half of 2018 with good results and even higher expectations.