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Finans247 Ideology

Finans247 business philosophy and ideology

Finans247 Ideology

Finans247 is aspiring to become a leader in consumer finance. We put the customers first and always base our services around a thorough understanding of our consumers. We believe that everything starts with the customer and adapting and utilizing leading edge technology to meet the customer needs.

At Finans247 we apply leading technology and data to ensure that we make quick and smart decisions backed up by data.

We know our consumers live a dynamic and ever-changing lifestyle where common demands on services are convenience, simplicity and ease. Therefore we strive to offer a simple, fast and secure lending service that easily adapts into the life of our consumers.

Our business is based on an idea of avoiding long processes that slows down the reaction time and is frustrating to the customers. One of the main requirements that our customers seek is simplicity without the loss of security.

At Finans247 we aim to tackle this demand by providing a secure and responsible lending solution that additionally is straightforward, transparent and user-friendly.


fast, convenient way to get money!

Flexible Solutions

We offer various solutions for lending money

Safety and protection

Lend money in a safe and secure way

Immediate loans

We offer immediate loans easy, fast and secure

Responsible Lending

We offer genuine and useful advice and information


One of our key values is to be transparent and straightforward with no hidden fees