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fast, convenient way to get money!

Flexible Solutions

We offer various solutions for lending money

Safety and protection

Lend money in a safe way

Immediate loans

Are you in an unexpected situation, where you need an immediate loan?

  • We offer customers to borrow up to EUR 2,000 (depending on the country) for up to 30 days
  • We offer loan extensions for up to 30 days for an additional fee
  • Convenience is key – our short term loans are processed online immediately and automatically

Responsible lending

At Finans247 ApS it is important for us to give potential and existing customers genuine and useful advice and information about the loans we offer:

  • We lend money for shorter periods of time and at lower amounts.
  • We secure our costumers in the best possible way and we have advisors guiding our costumers to the most appropriate loans.

  • Customers receive payment directly into their bank account and repay in regular instalments

About Finans 24/7

Finans 247 ApS is a European online consumer lending group specialized in offering short term loans to consumers. Our key concept is to be convenient and to lend people the money they need – in a responsible, quick and easy way.

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark and have been serving consumers in the financial service industry since 2016.